Boise Fall Harvest Classic Tournament

The team played in the tournament in Boise, Idaho this last weekend and had a TON of fun!  Thanks to Brittini Coleman for the awesome pictures!

Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-02 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-09 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-10 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-12 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-13 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-15 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-16 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-18 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-19 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-23 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-31 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-34 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-39 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-45 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-46 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-59 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-66 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-69 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-71 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-73 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-76 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-78 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-79 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-82 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-86 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-88 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-89 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-94 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-95 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-97 Vixen-2015-BoiseTournament-112


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