GOAL DIGGER 2013 – Get Ready!!!

> Hi Teams-
> Its that time of year again to start signing up for the Goal Digger
> tournament, the dates are Dec 13th-15th. We are going to try for 4 divisions
> this year A,Ba, Bb, & C. We had to cancel the A division last year due to
> teams having to drop out, so we are hoping we can get that one back up and
> going. So please let me know ASAP if you have a A division team that wants
> to play so we can make sure we have enough ice booked. We also might have to
> do some more games in SLC. Also we are having 2 B divisions again and the
> lower Bb is for teams that aren’t a high B but defiantly not a C. We want to
> keep it competitive and fun for all the teams and not have 1 or 2 teams just
> dominating all the other teams. The cost is $815 Due Nov 8th and if you pay
> by Oct 18th it will be $800. Hope to hear form you all soon, and look
> forward to a great tournament again this year!
> Thanks,
> Trista
> Utah Ice Vixen

***Note: please see Goal Digger tab – How to Register Your Team for more information.***


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