Championship Sunday Special

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Here is the final Sunday schedule for all Division Championship and Consolation games:

West Rink:
7:00-8:15am Consolation game for the C Division.
8:30-9:45am Consolation game for the Ba Division.
10:00-11:15am Championship game for Bb division.

EAST Rink:
6:30-7:45am Consolation game for Bb Division.
8:00-9:15am Championship game for C Division.
9:30-10:45am Championship game for Ba Division.

Hello again teams!

We are 8 days away from the first game, and the excitement is in the spring like Salt Lake City air!

We have 3 different divisions this year: Ba, Bb and C.  With 8 teams in the C division we did break it out into two brackets, with the winner of each bracket making it to the Championship game.  Please see the official rules of the tournament for how the final standings will be computed.

Here is the 2014 Ba Division Schedule:

2014 %22Ba%22 GD Schedule FINAL PDF

Here is the 2104 Bb Division Schedule:

2014 %22Bb%22 GD Schedule FINAL PDF

Here is the 2014 C Division Bracket 1 Schedule:

2014 C Bracket 1 GD Schedule FINAL PDF

Here is the 2104 C Division Bracket 2 Schedule:

2014 C Bracket 2 GD Schedule FINAL PDF

We did have to make a few changes to the original schedule that was emailed out to the teams due to an error that had a team playing back to back games.  We apologize if your team was impacted by this change.  We did our best to give each team at least 2.5 to 3 hours in-between games.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.


Utah Ice Vixens

The host hotel for the 2014 Goal Digger Tournament is located less than a mile from the ice rink.  They have set aside rooms for the tournament for the nightly rate of $86.00.  The rooms are double/double rooms.

The hotel is located at:

Salt Lake City Marriott University Park – 480 Wakara Way  Salt Lake City  UT  84108

You will find many convenient features to the hotel:

  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Restaurants on Site
  • Starbucks
  • Free Shuttle to the rink
  • Sports Bar
  • Free internet

To make your reservation over the phone please call: 1-801-584-3310 or 1-800-396-3126 and mention “2014 Goal Digger” or Group Code: GTDGTDA to receive the negotiated $86.00 Rate.

You can also make your reservations online: 2014 Goal Digger – GTDGTDA

Rooms need to be reserved by FRIDAY, the 5th of DECEMBER.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns,

See you in 10 days!

2014 Goal Digger Tournament!

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Hi Teams-

We are 2 weeks away from the puck dropping at the 2014 Goal Digger Tournament the dates are Dec 12th-14th. We are going to have 3 divisions this year- 2 B divisions (lower Bb is for teams that aren’t a high B but defiantly not a C), and a C. We want to keep it competitive and fun for all the teams and not have 1 or 2 teams just dominating all the other teams. Please see 2014 Goal Digger tab – How to Register Your Team, as well as the Salt Lake City Information tab for the link to our host hotel – University Marriott. We are still working on the final schedule, as soon as we are done with it we will post it.

If you have any questions, please email us –

We are looking forward to a great tournament!

Thanks, Utah Ice Vixens

***Note: please see 2014 Goal Digger tab – How to Register Your Team for more information.***

GOAL DIGGER 2013 – Get Ready!!!

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> Hi Teams-
> Its that time of year again to start signing up for the Goal Digger
> tournament, the dates are Dec 13th-15th. We are going to try for 4 divisions
> this year A,Ba, Bb, & C. We had to cancel the A division last year due to
> teams having to drop out, so we are hoping we can get that one back up and
> going. So please let me know ASAP if you have a A division team that wants
> to play so we can make sure we have enough ice booked. We also might have to
> do some more games in SLC. Also we are having 2 B divisions again and the
> lower Bb is for teams that aren’t a high B but defiantly not a C. We want to
> keep it competitive and fun for all the teams and not have 1 or 2 teams just
> dominating all the other teams. The cost is $815 Due Nov 8th and if you pay
> by Oct 18th it will be $800. Hope to hear form you all soon, and look
> forward to a great tournament again this year!
> Thanks,
> Trista
> Utah Ice Vixen

***Note: please see Goal Digger tab – How to Register Your Team for more information.***

Website Updated!

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Hey guys we are currently going through the website and updating the information so be sure to take a look around.  Here are some important highlights:

1 – 1st Practice of the Season is 9/12 @ 9:15 pm in Bountiful

2 – 1st Game is 10/5 @ 7:15 pm in Ogden

3 – The GOAL DIGGER tournament will be 12/13 – 15 this year.


Goal Digger 2012 Schedule

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Here is the final schedule for the tournament.  We can’t wait to see you all out on the ice!

5:00PM-6:00PM Freeze 1 Wings C 3 C
6:15PM-7:15PM Vixen 2 Hurl Scouts 4 C
7:30PM-8:30PM PC Predators 1 Ketchum 3 Bb
8:45PM-9:45PM Jackson 2 Hellcats 4 Ba
10:00PM-11:00PM Wings B 1 Blades 3 Bb
10:30PM-11:30PM Black Diamonds C Black Stars C C
10:45PM-11:45PM Blackstars B Black Diamonds B Ba
6:00AM-7:00AM Wings C 1 Hurl Scouts 3 C
7:15AM-8:15AM PC Predators 2 Wings B 4 Bb
8:30AM-9:30AM Black Diamonds C 1 Vixen 3 C
9:45AM-10:45AM Black Diamonds B 2 Jackson 4 Ba
11:00AM-12:00PM Hellcats 1 Blackstars B 3 Ba
12:15PM-1:15PM Ketchum 2 Blades 4 Bb
1:30PM-2:30PM Hurl Scouts 1 Freeze 3 C
2:45PM-3:45PM Vixen 2 Black Stars C 4 C
4:00PM-5:00PM Hellcats 1 Black Diamonds B 3 Ba
5:15PM-6:15PM Wings C 2 Black Diamonds C 4 C
6:30PM-7:30PM Blackstars B 1 Jackson 3 Ba
7:45PM-8:45PM Black Stars C 2 Freeze 4 C
9:00PM-10:00PM Ketchum 1 Wings B 3 Bb
10:15PM-11:15PM Blades 2 PC Predators 4 Bb
7:15AM-8:15AM 1 3 C CONS
8:30AM-9:30AM 2 4 Bb CONS
9:45AM-10:45AM 1 3 Ba CONS
11:00AM-12:15PM 2 4 C CHAMP
12:30PM-1:45PM 1 3 Bb CHAMP
2:00PM- 3:15PM 2 4 Ba CHAMP