GOAL DIGGER 2013 – Get Ready!!!

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> Hi Teams-
> Its that time of year again to start signing up for the Goal Digger
> tournament, the dates are Dec 13th-15th. We are going to try for 4 divisions
> this year A,Ba, Bb, & C. We had to cancel the A division last year due to
> teams having to drop out, so we are hoping we can get that one back up and
> going. So please let me know ASAP if you have a A division team that wants
> to play so we can make sure we have enough ice booked. We also might have to
> do some more games in SLC. Also we are having 2 B divisions again and the
> lower Bb is for teams that aren’t a high B but defiantly not a C. We want to
> keep it competitive and fun for all the teams and not have 1 or 2 teams just
> dominating all the other teams. The cost is $815 Due Nov 8th and if you pay
> by Oct 18th it will be $800. Hope to hear form you all soon, and look
> forward to a great tournament again this year!
> Thanks,
> Trista
> Utah Ice Vixen

***Note: please see Goal Digger tab – How to Register Your Team for more information.***

Website Updated!

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Hey guys we are currently going through the website and updating the information so be sure to take a look around.  Here are some important highlights:

1 – 1st Practice of the Season is 9/12 @ 9:15 pm in Bountiful

2 – 1st Game is 10/5 @ 7:15 pm in Ogden

3 – The GOAL DIGGER tournament will be 12/13 – 15 this year.


Goal Digger 2012 Schedule

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Here is the final schedule for the tournament.  We can’t wait to see you all out on the ice!

5:00PM-6:00PM Freeze 1 Wings C 3 C
6:15PM-7:15PM Vixen 2 Hurl Scouts 4 C
7:30PM-8:30PM PC Predators 1 Ketchum 3 Bb
8:45PM-9:45PM Jackson 2 Hellcats 4 Ba
10:00PM-11:00PM Wings B 1 Blades 3 Bb
10:30PM-11:30PM Black Diamonds C Black Stars C C
10:45PM-11:45PM Blackstars B Black Diamonds B Ba
6:00AM-7:00AM Wings C 1 Hurl Scouts 3 C
7:15AM-8:15AM PC Predators 2 Wings B 4 Bb
8:30AM-9:30AM Black Diamonds C 1 Vixen 3 C
9:45AM-10:45AM Black Diamonds B 2 Jackson 4 Ba
11:00AM-12:00PM Hellcats 1 Blackstars B 3 Ba
12:15PM-1:15PM Ketchum 2 Blades 4 Bb
1:30PM-2:30PM Hurl Scouts 1 Freeze 3 C
2:45PM-3:45PM Vixen 2 Black Stars C 4 C
4:00PM-5:00PM Hellcats 1 Black Diamonds B 3 Ba
5:15PM-6:15PM Wings C 2 Black Diamonds C 4 C
6:30PM-7:30PM Blackstars B 1 Jackson 3 Ba
7:45PM-8:45PM Black Stars C 2 Freeze 4 C
9:00PM-10:00PM Ketchum 1 Wings B 3 Bb
10:15PM-11:15PM Blades 2 PC Predators 4 Bb
7:15AM-8:15AM 1 3 C CONS
8:30AM-9:30AM 2 4 Bb CONS
9:45AM-10:45AM 1 3 Ba CONS
11:00AM-12:15PM 2 4 C CHAMP
12:30PM-1:45PM 1 3 Bb CHAMP
2:00PM- 3:15PM 2 4 Ba CHAMP


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Congrats Ice Vixen on a great tournament in Boise over Halloween weekend!  We even had some players score their first goals ever!

Goal Digger 2012 Update!

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2012 Goal Digger Tournament Staying in Park City and SLC!

Well we have even more new news!  We had said we were going to be hosting our entire tournament out of SLC but we are excited to announce we will be having the tournament in both Park City and SLC.  We are working on getting an ice schedule out so we can give ideas of what ice times will look like and will update as soon as we have more information.  We can’t wait to see you all!

Schedules Updated

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The game and practice schedule pages have been update so be sure to check them out and come watch some awesome Ice Vixen Hockey!  Also keep in mind the Goal Digger Tournament will be here before you know it.  It’s in December so be sure to contact the team if you are interested in bringing a team out.

Bobbi just sent these over to me from our game against the Lady Lightning.  Thanks Bobbi!